Qaasoo Business Accreditation Mark

Despite the fact Malaysian are one of heavy social media users, surveys indicate the usage of e-commerce to purchase products or services remain at the lowest.  Scientific evidence indicates that consumer more likely to purchase if they have high level of trust towards the website and seller.

Accredited Business 

At we believe in making consumer searches easier to identify trusted business they can deal without much worry. When a business was authorized to us  Qaasoo Business Accreditation mark, it means our representative has a made physical visit the business premises, sighted company document, reviewed their business background and understood the nature of the business.

Qaasoo Business Accreditation is based on The Malaysian Business Code of Ethics or “Rukun Niaga” developed by Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism, Malaysia. The ministry has establish six (6)  Malaysian Business Code of Ethics as follows:

  1. Honesty in Business Dealing
  2. Responsibe Towards Customers, Society and Environment
  3. Geniality Towards Fellow Humans
  4. Moderation In Business Dealing
  5. Fair Treatment of Customers
  6. Zeal in Making the Business a Success

Do take note, we don’t endorse or evaluate any products or services offered by businesses that obtained Qaasoo Business accreditation. It’s entirely up to consumer to make their judgement about products and services offered by those caring Qaasoo Business Accreditation Mark or those listed at our site.

Qaasoo do charge fee for the accreditation services.  Apply for QAASOO ACCREDITED BUSINESS.