Business Accreditation

What is Qaasoo Business Accreditation?

Business Accreditation has become a necessity for businesses due to the radical changes brought by the competitive landscape and process flows of business mainly due to globalisation.

Qaasoo Business Accreditation is a physical process of interviewing business owners and verifying business documents as a way to build consumer trust.

Get Qaasoo Business Accreditation and Stand Out of Competition.

Why Consumer Trust Important?

Trust plays an important role in many social and economic interactions involving uncertainty and dependency. Since uncertainties exist in transactions over the Internet, the concept of trust is crucial because it affects a number of factors essential to online transactions, including security and privacy.

The consequences of trust would enable us to better understand the importance of trust and its effect on online buying behavior.

A Qaasoo Business Accreditation Certification adds the trust goodwill to consumers.

Higher profit


Certified companies have a higher profit than non-certified is supporting the belief that because of the process of getting certified and documentation. Since, Qaasoo adds trust to consumer the potential for sales improvement improves.

Competitive Edge

Businesses who choose to get Qaasoo Business Accreditation Certification runs trustworthy operations, meet the requirements for Accreditation. Business taking the advantage attracts more consumer as our accreditation carries great weight to them.

How to apply for Qaasoo Business Accreditation Certification?

We made the process as simple as possible and with least documentation.  Drop us an email to our CEO at or Whatsapp us at +6011 1627 9054. The minimum we require is business registration documents and a physical visit to your business location.

How to does it cost to Get Certified?

We are currently running an introductory offer for just RM 100.00 per company  per location per annum for businesses with turnover less than RM 1.0 million.

CCM Bundle is a receiver of Qaasoo Accreditation Certification.  To apply simply drop us a message via this form.


Get Your Qaasoo Business Accreditation Certification. Drop us a message via this form or chat with us now.

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