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Business Opportunities : Confinement Services in Malaysia

Business Opportunities, Confinement, Malaysia

Business Opportunities : Confinement Services in Malaysia

Confinement Business Opportunities in  Malaysia?

Some 1400 new Malaysian born each day does that sound great business opportunities.

According to the department of statistics Malaysia a total of 521,136 new Malaysian was born in 2015, with  269,255 and 251,881 males and females respectively. The average birth rate per 1000 population is 17, which means for every 1000 people, 17 new births are being recorded in Malaysia.

Be it a male or female child, Malaysia welcoming some 1400 new born daily and the same number of mothers need to go through a strict post-natal period whereby mother and child are “quarantined” at home for an approximately between 30- 44 days period. It being strictly practiced in various Asian cultures including by Malaysia’s major ethnics Malaysia, Chinese and Indian with their respective practices.

The common thread amongst the practices of the different communities is to support the new mum and help her recover from childbirth as well as regain her physical and emotional strength- Babycenter

In terms of practice, mothers need to consume some healthy natural or traditional foods while undergoing practices in recovery. In terms of economic value, the industry is valued between RM1 billion to RM 2 billion per annum ( we can easily assume at least RM2000 being spend during the confinement period ).  Now, hope Qaasoo read able to sense how big huge the market and business opportunities within this niche segment.

What do Mothers need during confinement period?

Well, with most Malaysian living in urban (World bank says it), moving towards high income economic with working mothers, living away from elders what options do mothers has?  This is some of the services busy husbands tried to look out for their spouses:

  1. Confinement Home or confinement centre
  2. Confinement nanny or confinement lady
  3. confinement food, confinement food recipes, and confinement food delivery

There are other traditionally used herbs and items as well, but confinement home or confinement centers are taking these responsibilities of providing some. Let us now look for top confinement services available in Malaysia.

List of Top Confinement Home

Carnation Confinement Home

Carnation Confinement Home is a hotel style luxurious confinement centre located at Jalan Adams, Penang. The premium confinement center features include luxury rooms, nursery equipped with hospital grade furniture, and a private lift specially catered for mummies.

Confinement Nanny at the center is training to brings a love to newborn babies and understands the importance of creating a safe environment while caring both your precious.

Mom’s Paradise Confinement Centre

Mom’s Paradise Confinement Centre was awarded  for Best Postnatal Confinement 2013 under Best Postnatal Product and Best Confinement Services. Mom’s Paradise Postnatal Retreat is designed and furnished with a homely touch to ensure maximum comfort and well-being of the new mothers. Services offered include complete postnatal rejuvenation program. 5 nutritious and balanced meals each day and 24-hour baby care.

IREE Touch : Post Natal Home Care Services

IREE Touch: Post Natal Home Care Services located at Bandar Puteri  Puchong offer a range of treatments, both, modern & traditional, from pre-wedding to post natal care at our centre or at the comfort or at privacy of your own home. All their therapists including confinement nannies are well trained and are certified in the spa & wellness related profession.

What kind of assistance or services you can anticipate form confinement center:

  • Restoring mothers health by taking take their basic needs
  • Healthy and nutritional food preparation so that mothers able to recover speedily and more importantly with health.
  • Herbal bath or spa for mother
  • Feeding , showering and taking care of your baby
  • Body message (at selected centres) and advise of proper confinement care
  • Taking care laundry

note: this just basic list of services, for more complete list of services do refer to consult confinement home management.

Freelance Confinement Nanny or Confinement Lady

Confinement lady or Confinement nanny usually elder woman with self-experience of taking care her own grand children or her from neighbourhood. She is someone who can provide assurance, extra help and care to mothers and babies during the postpartum period.

For those mother prefer to stay at home during post natal period, the service of confinement lady become very essential. Similar to part time maid services, confinement lady usually will drop in to your home to bath your child, prepare foods including some herbal preparation.

Business opportunities for freelance confinement nanny are increasing. Thus, Qaasoo do foresee the need to have properly trained with a basic qualification like nurses to be introduced in Malaysia soon, paving way another segment of business opportunities.

Online confinement services are also on the increase, as those in need just need to make appointment with providers.

Video : 3 major components of a good confinement. Video by TheStarOnline

Business Opportunities in Confinement Food Delivery or Catering 

Our body requires the right type of food to digest, revitalize health and absorb the necessary nutrients for repair and recovery process. As such, consuming the best confinement food is as important as hiring the best confinement nanny for your confinement after childbirth. (source: Nannysos)

Recommended traditional confinement food aimed to balance our body, improve blood circulation, dispel wind, detox and cleanse the toxins from our body. Mothers are advised to consume food that is beneficial to strengthen joints, support healthy lactation and avoid eating cooling food excessively during her confinement.

Please be cautious of advice that is traditional confinement myths. For most families in Malaysia, confinement food catering or ordering confinement will be the next best option if additional help from confinement nanny is not required.

Keeping a well-balanced diet with nutritious confinement meal delivery service to your home is absolutely necessary.

With a new member in your family, the new life will add a new dimension in your lives. There will be a lot of new tasks for you to do such as sourcing for Muslim , chinese or Indian confinement food menu, checking confinement food review and making plans for the coming months.

You will be able to find a lot of Business Opportunities in this niche market and growing market.

However, always consult doctors or experts for advice as your body may be sensitive to certain confinement herbs.

REST is also what you need most in this post-natal period. Once you have a new baby to take care, the time always seems to revolve solely around feeding, bathing and changing nappy of your baby. You might even hope that there can be a few extra hours each day, but no matter how quickly the time pass, you need to find the time to look after yourself in this post natal period.

As a new mother, you need to keep as fit and healthy as possible. Without a confinement nanny, you will need to cope with night feeds and having less sleep than you normally would because a newborn baby can be very demanding. Don’t feel guilty about taking a rest during daytime.

Adequate rest will benefit both you and your family in the long run. This moment of your life will be one of the happiest to look back on. Taking good care of your health is very well worth the effort in future

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