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How to Grow a Business from Zero to Millions?

Zero to Millions

How to Grow a Business from Zero to Millions?

Zero to Millions? This is not a new question but rather being one of most searched especially by many youngsters from not rich family  that looking to create quality lifestyle.

Firstly, we need understand what is a business?  Have you try Googlen (Google)? Googlen might even confused you or you have no time to read as you did for this article too, am I right.

I found this from Google too.

What is a Business? A business is an organization which provides goods or services and provides these two things to other business or individual consumers. The sum of these buyers is called a market. In order to have a market, buyers must have the money, desire, and authorization to buy these products/services.

No problem. No solution. No customers.

What is the purpose of a Business?  Oh my God, a trickier question or you could easily reply to make money, right. The purpose of a business solve an underlying problem by using resources available within your means.

It actually easy right? Now, how do you make millions out of it?

It’s not that simpleBuilding a business is not something that should ever be done on a want for money.

Zero to Millions?

I’m guessing by the ‘business from zero’ (and the fact that you’re asking this question) that whatever business you’re building is at the start of its life. If I’m wrong, and you’ve built your business and over months of stressful negative figures to finally break even – You already know what you need to do to grow.

Growing a business is not so much a stage-based process, but a strange, unknown magic mixture of core elements. Here’s a few off the top of my head:

  1. A Solution For A Problem – No business will grow properly unless it actually solves a problem that people have. No problem. No solution. No customers.
  2. The Right Founder/s – A person or group of people who are in it for a goal other than making lots of money.
  3. A Common, Positive Goal – The business needs drive and reason – Not just to pool money.

I’m sure many, many people could come up with many, many other core aspects that make a business a successful business. Nobody gets it right. There’s always something to improve and make right.

Money (in which I presume you mean profit) in the 7 figure plus bracket is a reward for the right fundamental concoction, all the effort that’s been thrown into the business, and successful execution. Oh, and don’t forget to factor in the unmeasurable aspect of not being in the right place at the right time.

The only thing that will guarantee success (If we measure success as learning, which is how everyone should measure it) is getting stuff done.

This article was written with feedback received through my Quora post. Credit goes to all that contributed positively.


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