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Qaasoo  The How to place for Malaysia SME Business

Probably some of you might haven’t noticed the evolution in Malaysian working attitude especially among the youngsters.  The new emerging trend moving towards self-employment or working from you are.

Particularly, services Industry becoming independent and prefer to assign the task on a performance basis rather than having employees and managing them.  This becomes possible with the emergence of social networks and sites such as Fiverr, and many more.

The question is how do we know the service provider really in business?

The idea of Accredited Business endorsement by qaasoo was thoroughly researched since in business trust is a very critical issue regardless the type of business.  

Well, a relationship without trust is not really a relationship at all either in personal life or commercial affairs, right? On the other hand, relationships often fail because one or both parties are afraid to give trust.

Qaasoo was founded on the basis to identify businesses in Malaysia particularly SMEs that able or provide services as listed either online or offline marketing material. We introduce Qaasoo Accredited Business certification. The accreditation process takes into account consumer feedback as well as other factors.

How to articles?

Have you ever notice the amount of training conducted here in Malaysia. People need to continuously learn new and new things or upgrade themselves. We assigned How to topics on weekly basis to writers in our database for them to research and write articles for Malaysian SMEs or potential entrepreneurs.

Malaysian tends to search for How to articles such as:

  1. How Little Things Matters in Business?
  2. How Can Malaysian SMEs Win Big?
  3. How to Improve Current Business Condition in Malaysia?
  4. How to make $8,000/month from home in 2 months?
  5. How to Build a Great Online Fashion Brand?
  6. How to Achieve Ultimate Success in Business and Life?

As we know, as far knowledge concern there isn’t any limit, thus we established QBiz Academy as resource site that links up to provide lifelong learning skill, mostly FREE of Charge.  Do visit Qbiz Academy regularly to find answers to your How to questions?

Free Webhosting and Web Designing Services

We found most Malaysia SMEs failed to upgrade or maintain their website simply due to their ignorance. Malaysia SMEs business owner prefers to utilize freely available email and social network but failed to see the benefit of investing a bit more in creating long term brand identity.

In our article Website Design Offer for Malaysian for SMEs, we highlighted industry experts view on why Web presence still relevant to business or SMEs in Malaysia.    

We encounter the question of how to reduce the cost of web hosting or maintain it with very minimal input. Qaasoo decided to offer readymade template website for Malaysian SMEs with 3 years free hosting inclusive of Free dot com domain name. Click here to check our offer details.

What it Take to Be Accredited Business?

Stephen M.R. Covey in his book Smart Trust: Creating Prosperity, Energy, and Joy in a Low-Trust World identified successful companies and people find a middle way called “smart trust.”

He cited an example of how eBay’s 235 million registered users are mostly strangers to each other. Yet they engage in millions of financial transactions daily.

Smart trust built the business so that Qaasoo’s Accredited Business.

The process of Qaasoo Accreditation is very simple:

  1. Email us at qaasoomalaysia at by submitting you company profile
  2. We will conduct our research and revert within 5 working days.
  3. If a visit required, authorized Qaasoo personnel will drop by to ensure all information during the accreditation application are truth.

Do visit Qaasoo Business Accreditation Mark for additional information