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Most Celebrated Shopping Carnival Organizer: Agenda Suria

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The name Agenda Suria is a synonym to the Global Indian Festival and the Deepavali Carnival which is held annually in Malaysia. Being experts in event management, Agenda Suria has managed to bring these festivals to great heights.

Agenda Suria has received numerous recognition from satisfied clients who have seen the ability of the entity in creating not only successful but memorable events. This memorability gives an edge for great branding opportunities for Agenda Suria’s clients.

Agenda Suria has also actively participated in winning accolades with the Malaysian Book of Records to expand its reach factor. In 2016, Agenda Suria was conferred a place in the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Oil Lamp Replica. This was to also commemorate its 15th anniversary.

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One of the main aspects of Deepavali is undoubtedly Deepavali Shopping. Agenda Suria’s success is evident because in Malaysia today, Deepavali shopping is not complete if one has not visited it’s Deepavali Shopping carnival.

The carnival is known to be one of the best places to go to for not only everything you need to usher in the festival but everything you get is also of tip-top quality and affordable pricing. Businesses, small, medium and large make it compulsory to participate in this carnival to make their presence visible.

The Global Indian Festival provides a perfect ‘under-one-roof’ venue for avid shoppers. The Global Indian Festival excites shoppers as it is a mega exhibition of

Indian culture. It is an exquisite fusion of shopping, gastronomical delights and entertainment. Over the 15 years, this festival has carved itself a reputation like no other in each and every Malaysian.

Come June every year, this festival will surely cross every Malaysians mind at least once.  Indians in each and every part of the world have brought local culture slightly into the wider Indian culture that they practice. Same with Indians in Malaysia. This festival manages to blend that aspect of Malaysian Indian culture into the event while keeping the authenticity of Indian culture intact.

This event is also proving to be a landmark event to boost tourism in the region as people come as far as Australia, Singapore, Pakistan and India to either participate as vendors or shoppers.

The presence of Broadcast giants ASTRO at the festival bring extra cheer and adds the glitz and glamour to it. Artistes local and international are often seen entertaining shoppers as they pick the best saree they can for their big day. It is an all-encompassing event that caters for people from all walks of life.

Agenda Suria’s event such as the ones mentioned above also presents an opportunity for small businesses to showcase themselves in a large and well-known platform. It is a promotional activity for businesses that not only induces spending but generates profit as well.

Many businesses have seen some two-fold increase in brand visibility upon their participation in Agenda Suria events. It is a single smart investment that opens up bigger opportunities for small businesses. Many businesses also get their customer databases updates via these events. They are also able to gauge the trends and preference of their customers within a few days without extensive market research budgets.

Agenda Suria hopes to continue in providing these opportunities to businesses and the public in general. While Agenda Suria aims to continue as a profitable business, it is glad that its activities are able to foster community enrichment and community building to a large extent.

Agenda Suria Crowd
Agenda suria Lamp
Agenda Suria Penang

images and video credit to Agenda Suria Communication Sdn Bhd

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