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While a business plan can help you get the financing you need,it can also help your business succeed over the long term

Even since entered his own world of business, in the year 2000 DrBiz Arikrishnan has worked and advising dozens of business owners including provide business plan services.

He and his team members have professionally prepared experience in preparing hundreds of business plans and/or business proposals either for startups or SMEs seeking financial injection for investments.

Based on Google Trend the searches for business plan in Malaysia is one of high in demand. Though many Malaysian businesses particularly Services SMEs , would try to draft business plan by themselves or with assistance from online templates.

Not all of them have the luxury of time and expertise to write bankable and/or professional business plan.

We have experiences working with clients from various services and industry sectors. Do read what is the objectives of a business plan?


A business plan doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. It simply requires you to consider the factors that will affect your business and allows you to plan to deal with them. You should also realize your plan isn’t written in stone: expect the unexpected and change your plan when necessary.

While a business plan can help you get the financing you need, it can also help your business succeed over the long term. With a sound business plan, you’ll have solid goals to aim for, a strategy for reaching them and a useful understanding of the environment in which your business is operating.

Before developing a realistic business plan, we need to get achievable goals. The information necessary to set the goals will come from both internal and external sources.

Business plan component infographics
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The components of your business

  • business objectives
  • profit margins
  • strategies
  • scheduling
  • Employees
  • production runs
  • sales
  • choice and maintenance
  • customers of equipment
  • cash flow

Who are your competitors?

What will your business offer that    is unique or better than the competition?

  • products
  • quality
  • price
  • warranty
  • delivery
  • contracts
  • service

What is the size of your potential market?

  • Is the market growing?
  • What are the major factor influencing it?
  • What is the expected life cycle (of products or market)?
  • Who are your current and future customers?


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Our standard business plan outline includes:

  • The Business Profile
  • The Vision and the People
  • Business Issues
  • Financing
  • Organization
  • Licenses and Permits
  • Communication Tools
  • Business Location
  • Accounting and Cash Flow
  • Marketing Plan
  • The Competition
  • Managing Employees
  • Handling Major Problems


Business plan a is written documents that contains all necessary information  of a proposed business or  activities able to make profit and sustain in long term.

Business Plan usually drafted by entrepreneur or business founders sitting with their business consultants or advisors since only the founders or the top management teams knows on which route to drive their business.

Business plan should the reference point whenever the founders, owners or managers encounter troubles in driving their business in planned direction. However, it should remain static since the world of business is very dynamic especially with much disruptive technological front  and competitive environment.