Uncommon Wedding Venues in Kuala Lumpur

We all know the importance of a venue is to enhance the atmosphere of a wedding. The scene and settings of the event are crucial to the entire theme of the celebration. Here are some of Kuala Lumpur’s finest venues that would set out an immediate vibe to your memorable occasion.

Ciao Ristorante

Open since 1991, Ciao Ristorante is the oldest Italian restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. The restaurant resembles a rustic Venetian country house with a cozy garden along a small lake overlooking the golf course and ample of parking facilities for your guests to your special occasion. If you’re a nature-loving person you would most definitely enjoy the greenery that highlights their unique spot for an outdoor event like weddings.

Also, their very high, old chapel-looking spacious ceiling rooms are prepared as well in order to have an open set of ceremonies that needs to take place during the occasion. As for the menu, choosing a buffet style of Ciao Ristorante, their food philosophy remains the same, servings of genuine Italian food in their own simplicity that has been their signature for decades.

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Carcosa Seri Negara

For a fusion of Malaya and British culture, of lush greenery in the midst of the concrete jungle in Kuala Lumpur. If you and your fiancé loves the idea of tranquility and having a scenic view as you exchange your vows, then this tropical setting is just right for you.

The splendor and elegance of the setting are highlighted at the Carcosa Seri Negara. They provide event specialists to you, also ready to cater to your needs for an extravagant wedding following an ambient and romantic surrounding which makes it all perfect.

This location is mainly to those with a short guest list as their venues, first the Ledang Room that can seat up to 80 persons and the Jerai Suite, accommodating 10 to 20 person based on the type of situation going on.


A great venue once again for the nature lovers out there. This could be the ultimate spot to your dreamy garden wedding. Hidden away in Puchong, A-Park accommodates a huge outdoor space, it’s an English themed space where the lake and lawns surround the stunning English Cottage, plus a Lake House that comes in handy as a beautiful backdrop for your photography sessions.

Either a night or a morning event, A-Park never fails to embrace the beauty of the nature it owns. This parkland and marquee site surely offers a divine setting for your memorable wedding reception as well as to the guests. As for catering, any demands made will be worked on making it happen, however, the serving of alcohol beverages are not allowed in the compound.


A spacious urban architectural marvel amidst the raw hilltop surroundings of Seputeh, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. If you’re looking to carry out an indoor garden wedding, then look no further. This magnificent place with a huge outdoor-indoor space all to your event gives a broader set off theme and ideas, either to go green or go luxurious both areas in the Glasshouse in which ceremonies can be carried out smoothly accommodating up to 500 persons.

The catering should be done independently as the servings in glasshouse are mainly desserts and light meals. The bright light shining through the window during the day or the stunning lighting decorating done at the outdoor lawn, with tables set out, it guarantees a beautiful and elegant vibe to your event.

Zebra Square

An event space like no other, a breakaway from the confined spaces of halls and hotels; have your most memorable event in the Zebra Square nestled in the vicinity of the Royal Selangor Golf Club. Different spaces within to choose from, enough to bare the unleashing ideas and creativity you have dreamt off.

The modern architecture fused with the beauty of the nature and an extravagant view of KL city to top it all off. Rain or shine you could still continue the celebration at an air venue with a roof overhead, The Garden located right next to the golf course; a great spot for an intimate, romantic wedding ceremony and also photography opportunities. The catered food by the Zebra Square is the best fusion of Italian and Asian cuisines.

Stratosphere Roof-Top Bar

The Stratosphere at the Roof KL stands out from the norm of rooftop bars Kuala Lumpur has to offer. With its rather unique location, looking out the beautiful city line of KL, it is located on top of a grass-covered helipad – first of its kind in Asia. Covered in real grass, paved with cobblestone pathways this place makes a fairytale evolutionary difference to the norm of any wedding vision.

Cylindrical lights paint the entire space in marvelous hues of bubblegum pink, neon green and baby blue, not the common wedding lighting but then again, certainly outstanding. A large space to convert and host your wedding set up, to make you and your partner literally feel like you are soaring on cloud 9, basking in the clouds.

Wanaka Bungalow House

Perfect for a garden wedding – Wanaka Bungalow House is the perfect pick for that exact vision. There is a beautiful garden space where the ROM can take place and be accentuated by the beauty of flora and fauna, while guests have a good room to move around and really feel the weddings magical feeling from this compelling vibe.

The house has beautiful minimalist architecture and can be the host for the groom, bride, family and close friends to respite before and after the wedding ceremony. There is a staircase that connects the garden and the house, situated with a beautiful veranda that serves as the ultimate photo-taking background in the middle of this fairytale spiral.

Final thought

A wedding is one of the life’s most beautiful milestones. It’s a personal experience of an individual followed by a lifelong dream and imaginary back to when you were just a kid. With these unique spaces, you can now achieve the unthought-of. There’s no need to fly across the country for a beautiful venue when all of the same could be found in your city of Kuala Lumpur itself.

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